Services Available

Biehl & Biehl believes there is much more to receivables recovery than just collections... there is the overriding element of service to the client that must be considered. This means assisting clients in every way possible to support the management of their receivables. To this end, the following services are offered:

Cashback Letter Service

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Cashback Service is a highly effective collection system. A series of two individually typed, effective collection letters are sent to the delinquent account at 15 day intervals. Collections made within 30 days of Biehl & Biehl's acknowledgment cost only a small percentage of the funds collected. Amounts unpaid at the end of the 30 day Cashback period receive immediate personal handling by an experienced collector.

A Two-Notice, Free Pre-Collection Service

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A Two-Notice, Free Pre-Collection Service may be used before placing an account with Biehl & Biehl.

Important Notice/Urgent Request forms are available, without charge, to be incorporated into a company's own internal collection system.

Free Demand Service

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Free Demand Service allows a client to place an account for collection just by using a three-part form. There is no charge for any payment received from the account within the grace period. Any amounts outstanding after the grace period receive immediate personal handling.


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There is an onging trend in business to outsourcing. Biehl & Biehl has the capability to handle clients' telephone based contacts with their customers very efficiently.

This new service permits action at a very early stage of delinquency.

The phone contact is made in a Customized manner, in the name of the creditor, at a low cost per live contact. You, the creditor, can write your own script tailored to your particular circumstances. Contacts can be followed up by mail on the creditors letterhead (continuous forms) if desired. This is a custom program to generate a quicker cash flow.

Diplomat Service

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For almost 20 years, Biehl & Biehl has unquestionably proved that a face-to-face discussion with your customer is the most effective means of recovery. The Diplomat Service was designed to handle the large account is excess of $10,000. For a low initial fee and a small contingent commission, Diplomat Service provides a personal call on your customer by a professional adjuster within seven working days after authorization. Under this service, collection will be made in full or a workable recommendation will be made concerning the steps required for account settlement. Working through the CIRN network, Diplomat Service provides direct personal contact with a delinquent account anywhere in the contiguous United States. Alaska, Hawaii and parts of Canada are handled under special arrangement..

Attorney Services

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When reason and persuasion fail to move a debtor, Biehl & Biehl will help you take the final step... recourse to the courts... to secure the money owing.

Cases that cannot be collected by normal means go to our Legal Department. Each claim in the Legal Department is under the supervision of one of our company officers.

If legal action is necessary, we will select a bonded attorney who specializes in commercial collection cases and who is in the area in which your debtor is located.

Although we work closely with these attorneys, the attorney represents you and remains under your control and direction at all times. Any legal proceeding or any settlement comes only with your approval.

Biehl & Biehl maintains trust accounts at the American National Bank & Trust Company of Chicago into which all debtor payments are deposited for our clients' protection.